Developer space

ProMoS - API

External data access

The JSON-REST-API ist used to access the databases

ProMoS DMS JSON Data Exchange1.8DMS_JSON
ProMoS DMS JSON Data Exchange over EDL-Portal (Access on datapoint-level)                 1.2EDL-DMS

In the future, access to other data (engineering / users, etc.) will also be possible via web services.


Additional Manuals

Additional documentation that is not included in the ProMoS manual

The following additional documentation is available

MailDriver_de.pdf    Get datas from EMails (CSV, MSCONS, ...)                                                           1.7German


Free libraries 

The following BMO libraries can be used freely.

BEV21BELIMO Energy Valve (Modbus)                                         1.0  available soon

More libraries are available (BACnet, SAIA PG5, Modbus)