Frequently asked questions

Here you will find a list of the most frequently asked questions about ProMoS NT and Visi.Plus.

How much RAM must be installed on a PC with Visi.Plus? 
This depends mainly on the number of (virtual) data points in the DMS. Recommendation: The more the better. 

  • Up to 100'000 DMS data points (approx. 1000 physical data points) min. 1 GB RAM
  • Up to 500'000 DMS data points (approx. 3'000 physical data points) min. 2 GB RAM
  • Up to 3 Mio DMS data point (up to 10'000 phys. data points) min. 4 GB RAM, better 8 GB

How many DMSs can be operated together over a network? 
There are hardly any technical restrictions. Between two and 8 strain gage systems are normally in operation in multi strain gage environments. The University Hospital of Zurich currently has as many as 28 DMS systems integrated into a complete system. They are operated exclusively via web access. 

I read that a PCD code generator is supposed to be integrated. How does that work? 
MST sells a software library which can be used to generate a large part (up to 100% depending on the system) of the SaiaPCD code via the code generator. The code generator generates the function block or macro calls, as well as the connections between objects (e.g. outdoor temperature on controller). From Version 1.6, connections can also be created graphically using the graphic editor (via two different views: Link View and Box View (similar to FUPLA). 

Which ports must be open in a firewall in order to use ProMoS NT? 
In principle, all ports can be freely set.  The following ports are used by default: 
9000: forwarding of alarms to the EDL portal 
9010: Access to the DMS via a socket connection (binary) 
9011: Access to the PDBS via a socket connection (binary) 
9020: Access to the DMS/PDBS via a web service (JSON/REST) 
9090: Access to DMS via web frontend (from ProMoS NG) 
21/22: FTP server 

How long will the individual versions of ProMoS NT be supported / updated by MST? 
ProMoS version 1.x until the end of 2022 (only corrections) 
ProMoS Version 2.x until the end of 2032 
If a new version is released that is compatible with the previous version, we reserve the right to shorten the support period.

Can ProMoS NT also be used as a Windows service? 
Yes, ProMoS NT can be started as a Windows service using tools such as AlwaysUp or NSSM
Caution: the databases, managers and drivers will then no longer have a visible front end. We are currently working on web-based front-ends so that a DMS can be accessed via a web browser, for example. 

What is an activation code? 
It is possible to temporarily unlock a ProMoS installation without a hardware dongle. For this purpose two codes must be entered in the DMS (maximum duration: 90 days). 
Enter code A and code B in the DMS under Menu ? - Activation code

How will license monitoring via the Internet work? (from approx. mid-2021) 
When the system is started, the installed license is synchronized with the license server via a port. This synchronization takes place every 24 hours. 
If the license server is not available for any reason, this will be indicated by a popup. After 30 days without internet, the system will shut down automatically. 
There is a possibility to extend the license by phone (e.g. if an IT infrastructure is rebuilt during 3 months and the control system has to run anyway).