GE - Graph Editor

The GE is used to create the process images.

The process pictures are created in the graphic editor. When saving an image, the code for the web visualization is also generated. The GE is also a runtime system under which the process images can be used without web technologies. The visualization is normally done via an Internet browser.

In the GE the process pictures are created. Various graphic elements such as lines, rectangles, texts, etc. are available. Graphics in the following formats are also supported: BMP, JPG, SVG

Extensive libraries are available for creating the images (pumps, valves, etc.) These templates can be managed in a catalogue.  

The GE can also be used to create PLC programs (code generator). Currently, the controllers of SAIA Burgess Controls are supported. Other controllers are also to be supported in the future (Structured Text).

The inputs and outputs of the individual objects are graphically connected with each other using the mouse. The connections are stored in the database and can later be used for code generation in the engineering tool (PET).  

A representation in function block diagram is also available in the GE (representation on the web with updated values is possible):

Images can also be edited directly over the network. Thus, several DMS databases can be managed in one graphic system (multi-DMS environment).  

All created images can be displayed in a web browser without further engineering.