A management system sets new standards

As an intelligent interface between people and applications, ProMoS NT creates an open basis for future-oriented, economical and modern software solutions in automation technology. By integrating simple to complex automation technology functions, ProMoS NT transparently covers the requirements of process visualization with control system tasks. A key feature of the system is the engineering tool tailored to SaiaPCD substations, which enables the integrator to optimize his applications, and also allows third-party systems to be connected.

Main features of the control system :

  • Flexible application range from building to process technology
  • Scalable and modular architecture for a wide range of applications
  • High integration of the automation level through coordinated engineering tool
  • Prefabricated plant objects for time-optimized engineering
  • Distinctive alarm management up to remote alarming
  • Reduction of commissioning and maintenance costs through clear handling
  • The integrated web server enables the display of all process data with a web browser via intranet or internet connections
  • No development environment necessary, therefore low entry costs

Possible applications :

  • Acquisition of process data and their storage as historical data
  • Display of process data in graphical form
  • Fault monitoring, remote alarming
  • Logging
  • Evaluations

 Possible areas of application are:

  • Monitoring and security systemsv
  • Heating, ventilation, air conditioning (HVAC)
  • Water treatment plants
  • Production facilities
  • Tunnel guidance systems
  • Transport systems
  • Railroad control systems

Basic Package

The basic package is free and contains all modules except the communication drivers. 

Depending on the task and complexity of the systems, a system can be expanded at any time with appropriate drivers. For the drivers, the number of communicated data points/data objects is decisive. 

Overview ProMoS NT modules

  PROMOS NT Free of charge PROMOS NT Subject to charge
Datenbase System  
Trend and alarm recording  
Alarm text management  
Malm (mobile alarming)  
Timer program  
User administration  
Logging (View & Mng)  
Web-Server > 1 User  
pChart (Trenddarstellung)  
Modbus TCP / RTU-Driver  
Beckhoff Twincat-Driver  
OPC DA-Driver  
KNX-Driver (Q2/21)  
ESPA 4.4.4-Driver  
Mail reception  
MyStrom-Driver ✓*
Philips-Hue-Driver ✓*

A web client is included in the basic configuration. * for private use free of charge. 
With each driver a few data points are available free of charge for testing purposes.