ProMoS NT Setups

Here you will find the setup of the ProMoS NT control system. We recommend only version 2.x. Versions 1.8 will only contain relevant corrections and no new functions and enhancements.

SAIA Visi.Plus can also be updated with these setups (installation path must be adapted!). ProMoS NT and SAIA Visi.Plus are 100% identical. 

The only difference between ProMoS 1.6 and 1.7 is the BACnet driver included in version 1.7. Therefore there will be no more version 1.6. 

For BACnet we recommend ONLY version 2.x, because only in this version the DMS names can have more than 80 characters. 

Version 2.x is compatible to version 1.7. During the update the file formats will be adapted automatically (a fallback is only possible by backup/restore). 

Version 1.7 will not be further developed. Updates with error corrections are still provided.  

Updates are possible back to version 1.5. Older versions must be purchased new (8 years support expired). Projects can be taken over up to version 1.2 (compatibility available).


YearVersionLast VersionUpdate option
2001-20041.2 Yes (new License, datas only)
2004-20081.3 Yes (new License, datas only)
2008-20101. (August 2010)Yes (new License, datas only)
2011-20131. (June 2013)Yes
2013-20141. (April 2014)Yes
2014-2019*1.7/1.8till end 2022Yes
2017-20202.0Update recommended to 2.1 (free of charge)Yes
2021-**2.1till 2032 Compatibility with newer versionsYes

* No longer under development 
** current version - under further development 

ATTENTION: Update to 2.x requires an update license.


Operating system:
Windows 10/11, Windows Server 2019 
(also runs on older systems, e.g. Windows 7, Windows Server 2012 - but not recommended). 

Processor: the faster the better (min. 2 cores). 
Smaller projects need 1-2 GB RAM, larger projects a bit more ( max. 8 GB RAM) + Operating System 
Disk: Basic installation incl. project max. 1 GB, historical data up to 1 GB/month for very large projects 

We have had bad experiences with inexpensive SSDs and/or SSDs with low capacity, because the disk is sometimes heavily stressed by writing historical data (replacement of the SSD after a few years). 

ProMoS NT can also be virtualized well (e.g. VMWare).


The manual for the current version of the ProMoS NT control system is included in the setup (see directory ..\hlp). 

MST regularly sends mails with update descriptions. Interested?