ProMoS Next Generation

We are constantly receiving inquiries about the future of ProMoS NT (also in connection with SAIA Visi.Plus).



Completely new product: ProMoS NG 

  • Compatible with ProMoS NT (existing ProMoS NT projects can be imported)
  • Web-based, device-sensitive (from cell phones to large screens)
  • Full integration with EDL portal (but can also be used stand-alone)
  • Based on micro-services with web service interfaces (ProMoS NT were also already single services)
  • Separation between process and configuration data
  • Operation via web (also engineering). Existing modules like PET, pList, GE etc. can still be used for projects.
  • New VLO libraries for Structured Text (incl. code generators for SAIA QronoX, Beckhoff, Wago, Logicals)
  • Runs on Linux incl. Raspberry Pi and as Windows services (in the cloud, e.g. as a Docker instance). Distribution over many instances, so that projects with 1'000'000 physical data points can be mapped. 
    32/64-bit modules, so that large amounts of data can also be processed.
  • New driver model (communication via API interfaces). The first driver to be developed is the BACnet driver (incl. attribute viewer). 

    ProMoS NG: From very standardized to the open world of creativity

    New and existing ProMoS NT modules can be used together.

The user interfaces are displayed device-dependently (in the PC browser as well as on tablet and cell phone.


The design of the new product is well advanced. Also a lot of tests (e.g. more than 30 databases) as well as performance tests have been done. The test infrastructure for the automated tests is being set up in parallel. 

The new DMS (Data Management System is already in operation on first installations). 

  • Full compatibility incl. control functions (except BACnet special functions) 
  • Own programming environment (ECMA script) 
  • Operation via web 
  • Multi-DMS 
  • Executable as Windows service and as Linux service 

Example: Data point detail view (no fake)

All existing control functions are supported. In addition, any scripts can be defined and executed directly in the DMS. 


The operation takes place via a browser (Chrome, Firefox, Edge). Operation is also possible via a smartphone or tablet:


Dates when the ProMoS NG will be completed are still open (current estimate 2023). The first priority is the BACnet driver, which will be built on the new philosophy. We will still implement the BACnet topic in the first half of 2021.