Cloud connectors

The drivers ensure communication with various cloud services and API services.

The ProMoS NT/NG control system provides interfaces to cloud services. 

 The following drivers (API brokers) are available (for NT/NG):

Cloud connections:

  • Belimo Digital Ecosystem (reading valve data from the Belimo cloud)
  • DormaKaba (reading out door statuses)
  • eSMART (reading meter readings and sensor values)
  • Qivalo (reading out meter readings)
  • smart-me (reading meter readings and sensor values)
  • Technische alternative (reading meter readings and sensor values)
  • Meteo data (weather forecast data)
  • WebSupervisor (reading meter readings and sensor values)
  • Netatmo (reading out sensor data)
  • Ensola (readout of sensor data, e.g. pH values)
  • ECCO2 (interface to digital twin)
  • SwissHailInfo (hail information - only in CH)
  • aWATTar (current electricity price on the exchange)
  • ...


  • ProMoS NT has a JSON/REST interface via which all data can be manipulated (assuming appropriate certificates). This makes it very easy to implement interfaces to higher-level systems (e.g. SAP).