Design of the ProMoS NT control system

ProMoS NT is not a single program, but consists of many individual program components. Each individual component performs its assigned task. This ensures a high degree of flexibility. 

Due to this modular system structure, individual program components can be added and removed again at any time, depending on requirements. Thanks to its modular design, this control system can be used from the smallest to the largest projects. The application alone determines the necessary components for a plant. The databases and the PET tool form the heart of the system. Further elements are: "Viewer", "Manager" and "Driver".

Diagramm zeigt den Aufbau von Promos NT. |


The Data Management System (DMS) is the central database of the system, and therefore a standard component of each basic package. The DMS manages all process data and makes it available to the system.


The Project Database System (PDBS) stores and manages the historical data. The database is optimized for data with a time stamp (e.g. history data, alarm data etc.). It is a long-term database system. In addition, PDBS makes it possible to export values in a data-neutral way and then integrate them into other database systems or reuse them with office programs.


The PET (Process Engineering Tool) displays the data of the strain gauge in tabular form, thus enabling central management and configuration. PET is the front-end program of the DMS, so to speak. 
With PET, several signals/data points can also be combined into groups and output as template objects (VLOs). 
PET also supports the import of data from other systems, and there is also the possibility of data export for other applications, such as the integrated PCD code generator or the SaiaPG5 development environment.

Web Components (pWA und pFTP)

Thanks to the web components, process images created with the GE graphic editor can be displayed in a browser without additional effort. pFTP also allows direct FTP connections to the controllers. The current version runs on HTML5/JavaScript.

Viewer, manager and driver

These optional modules are used for display, management and connection. These components can be added as required. 

Program API 

All data (including historical data) can be accessed via the ProMoS API (JSON/REST).

For more information, please refer to the sections Drivers and Additional Programs.